Supply system of kinescope of hard disk of China division number
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Indication definition is highest, compression ratio is the oldest, still can transmit on line;
Of network bandwidth get used to ability oneself, the expression in the network that coexists in all sorts of network medium is gotten particularly outstanding.

Special clew:
◎ Win2000 operating system, stabler than Win98 system, sex of the operation that compare NT more human nature is changed.
◎ is particularly comfortable at HUAKE matrix system, comprise monitoring of large number multimedia to run a system;
◎ dead machine restores a function oneself: Use WATCH DOG, 2 minutes of less than are automatic restorable condition;
◎ is prevented cut off the power data loses a function;
◎ MPEG-1, the perfect union of MPEG-4 algorithm; Realize giant video data to be transmitted remotely below all sorts of bandwidth;
◎ shows in real time: Only way / multichannel shows in real time, 25 frame / road / second;
◎ resolution: 800x600; Prep above is general the picture resolution of the product;
◎ switch shows: 1, 4, 9 pictures switch shows, switch time can be installed arbitrarily;
◎ advocate interface: Show current date / time, kinescope time / condition / file size and space of disk the rest; Kinescope information be clear at a glance;
◎ video standard: PAL (25 frame / road / second) / NTSC(30 frame / road / second) .
Kinescope setting:
◎ compresses algorithm: MPEG- I; H264
◎ compression ratio: 45 ﹕ 1 to 315 ﹕ 1 adjustable;
◎ compresses a code to flow: 80-500M/ hour random is adjustable;
◎ file format: MPV;
◎ kinescope means: Time / the hand is moved / call the police kinescope random is optional;
◎ time kinescope: According to time of kinescope of set of user demand random paragraph;
◎ only way installs: Can be opposite any all the way video signal undertakes installing alone, if time / the hand is moved / call the police kinescope, and the information such as image compressibility;
◎ Yun Jing controls: But at the same time stage of connection multichannel cloud, camera lens is controlled;
◎ character overlay: Can go up in each video overlay place information, facilitating inquiry obtains evidence.
◎ multistage manages: Administrator attributive can be installed.
Kinescope answers put with retrieve:
◎ memory resolution: 352x288, can come most 640x480;
◎ image answers put: Random all the way / 4 real time are answered put, but enlarge comes Man Bing;
Function of ◎ duplex operation: Can answer at the same time when kinescope put;
◎ local enlarge: Time when putting but local enlarge;
◎ image catchs pat: Time when putting, can save odd frame image for BMP file
◎ speed answers put: Can speed / be retreated quickly or odd frame around is broadcasted
◎ retrieves means: Undertake freedom retrieval by kinescope time, place;
◎ image backs up: Lose to prevent data, can undertake backup to fundamental picture;
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