Edify agent of sincere action various places
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Wuhan edifies electronic limited company
Wuhan edifies electronic limited company to was founded 1991, through indefatigable effort of ten years, already was collect by transition of famous brand of earlier representative Japan, Taiwan and country the research and development of soft hardware product of one cartoon respect, production, sale is card of automation management, intelligence and school of look forward to the high-tech enterprise of an organic whole. The company is passed begin extensive technology communication and close cooperation with school of the IT company that has technical actual strength and successful experience domestic and internationally, scientific research, draw lessons from the technology with banner Taiwan, those who hold to Japan is rigorous with efficient, learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness in course of study of person of the same trade, learn banner technology and advanced administrative experience to perfect him development ceaselessly, be brought up thereby and had the team of research and development of a high quality. Current, the company owns center of a two base of a production, branches, research and development. Edificatory company business involves business of institution of higher learning of government organization, school, industrial and commercial trade, industrial and commercial tax each domains such as Wu, bank, insurance, got the affirmation of the user and support, built perfect sale system and distribute network. Wuhan edificatory electron is finite liability company will continue to act on the consistent spirit that respects course of study and deal with concrete matters relating to work, pursue it is with client demand this design concept, it is the brand consciousness of the target with client satisfaction, take the working style of work that is premise with genuine service, offer more stable, practical automation government and intelligence to change for new old client further identify a system. Hold to with " satisfaction is sought in the service, progress is sought in satisfaction " him drive, with period can forever better more service signs up for broad client back and forth at the client the deep love to edifying a company and support.
One, advantage of consumptive engine product
1, exterior design is reasonable and novel, fashionable
Key-press is used waterproof, prevent lampblack design, can suit to be used in the place with harsh environment, and key-press design is bigger, facilitating operation, crust uses electric gush technology, have very strong qualitative feeling, facilitating cleanness is safeguarded, reduce the allowance for depreciation to the product. Indication screen design is 110 × the wide screen of 60 shows, and IC machine shows screen uses screen of double liquid crystal double the formal design that be in a poor light. ID spending engine shows screen is LED red canal to demonstrate a form. Facilitate in personnel more the number that clear consumption opportunity sees in reaching noisy environment and consumptive circumstance.
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