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Very much village alleges the installing that oneself have a lot of prevents establishment, those who have countless " electronic eye " . Then we did an interesting test: In " electronic eye " the wall breaks up below eyelid, look can you evoke how old reaction?

Recall the business that oneself do a few days ago, xiao Wen still feels a bit absurd -- do not have swarm ten years, before two days of malty wine are in with the friend actually in a building on river road dish turn over a wall to borrow. Letting what he feels more mysterious is, 3 more in the middle of the night a flock of people show off how breathe out the ground climbs a wall, do sth over and over again nearly ten minutes, check unexpectedly without security personnel. "Monitoring is photographed it is like the head on the side 9 meters of far places. " his memory says.

Before owner Shenyang gentleman paragraph the car that time considers to the monitoring kinescope of v village sees him is be done by who, result kinescope blurs one piece, it whats look is not clear that whats look.

Be monitor gave an issue? In our impression, there is security personnel to patrol in the village have electronic monitor, it is not easy that stranger should go in, is the fact such? Last week day, the reporter chose to include river bank apartment, Qing Longyuan, morning sunlight Wen Cuiyuan of river of new city, boast, fine Lin Yuan of garden of city of apartment of green name center, bright phearl, scene, celestial being, 10 thousand install urban garden inside 9 buildings dish, result among them 8 buildings dish can turn over a wall easily to enter inside, and bother about comes before ensuring public security without.

The village majority that makes a test is climbed very easily climb

The ground floor that boasts Jiang Wencui encloseds ground for growing trees is business shop, it is not easy to say to want to turn over a wall to go in according to manage, circling a building dish walked along circuit, our discovery has a lane at the same time in shop of the business that face a market, not deep, off-street end has a nearly 3 meters tall crawl, turning over the past is Wen Cuiyuan village. Although crawl is a bit tall, but have a lot of horizontal thick line, benefit at putting a foot, resemble stepping on ladder same, we climbed the past easily. Gate exit, security personnel asks incoming caller from time to time, however a bit did not have the person that turns over a wall to enter alertly.

These 9 buildings that become experimental target are chosen in us dish in, have 6 buildings dish crawl is climbed very easily climb. In fact, should be in alertly slightly only a few buildings dish we always can find periphery " breach " : If rubbish room just can pay a foot; Next water pipeline of unexpected turn, tubal triangle wears ground of from bottom to top to arrange, as it happens does footplate...

Some villages cultivated a few bush to enhance security in crawl inside and outside, just these bush have 229 centimeters only highly normally, can not rise to cut off truly action.
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