Sunny International Group won the 2010 Fifth China Security hundred companies
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Jury members of the Group in the review under the strict and comprehensive government authorities and Internet users view online vote by the Chinese public safety net and the International Security Brand Lab, organized by the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Committee, the Chinese Public Security Institute China Public Security Magazine supports the "2010 Fifth China Security hundred enterprises" contest awards ceremony in the afternoon of October 13 was held in Shenzhen, Sunny International Group Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Nanmin attend the event and Evaluation Committee from the General Assembly Experts who took over winning plaque. This is the second year's finalists Sunny China Security Association International named the "Green City recommended best security products," good news after another. At this point, Sunny International has received the honor for two consecutive circles.

China, mainly the selection of hundred leading position in the security industry and have an influence on a comprehensive assessment of the security companies, aims to improve the visibility of the security industry, a comprehensive display of China's security industry development achievements and mental outlook, promote security technology and products Kejichuangan important role. Through the selection, commendation for the outstanding contribution made by the Chinese security industry companies, to set an example for the Chinese security industry, encourage the majority of security companies strenuous efforts to promote the rapid development of China's security industry.

Sunny International as China's first security companies, has four security system (intelligent video surveillance systems, smart card access control systems, intelligent transportation electronic police, smart home), in pursuit of perfection, the best core values, proceed step by step and security market in China and the international security market have left footprints of success.

This won the "China Security Enterprise hundred" the title is the real market for the international evaluation of Sunny, is a government department, security and the international community recognized for Sunny, Sunny International will continue its efforts, in the matter Internet era, bold innovation, and work together to better products and programs the user feedback, challenge the security market a new height!