How does Hui Cong net prevent an industry to beg buy news brief
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One, market overview:

As our country " comprehensive well-off " build pace accelerate, the standard of living of people had very big rise, but meanwhile, the fluidity of social population increased greatly, social structure and security of society are complex with each passing day, accordingly, people takes the safety of domestic life property seriously more and more. The change quickly of science and technology, computer technology is in of the whole world gain ground, in the cry that intelligence changes a village to live to happiness in people rise abruptly quickly, make the hair that how the family defends a product showed unprecedented change showpiece. Village security system already from this locality to long-range development, the periphery from Xiaoou to core -- the family draws close gradually. Guard against theft of new intelligence family calls the police the system basically carries magnetic head, infra-red, gas, coal in inductive end feeling, glass is broken wait for detector to come the change with unusual induction, arrive when inductor induction when unusual situation, automatically alarm affection is sent to relevant section and personnel, so that get seasonable processing, reduce personal casualty and belongings loss.
In recent years, the family calls the police systematic selling quantity and total sales appear to involve the tendency that rise continuously, annual growth range is in 30% above, as people safety consciousness rise, can more person selected are used call the police system, existing family calls the police the system can divide the net that it is couplet model and sheet door two kinds big. Couplet net it is each business emphasis that big businessman strives for, because its cover a range big, the user is much, convenient promotion, basically apply at building a village, user idea facilitates accept. Sheet door because old village transforms the question with very much existence, need of couplet net system is new wiring, reinstall, also need sheet door model will transfer. Accordingly sheet door system also has quite large market share, this basically depends on the oneself quality of specific user and economic capacity. Guard against theft calls the police trend of the following development is to regard as not just call the police with, still can develop a lot of other functions, for example urgent appeal, medical treatment, homemaking, call, this can surmount the function of existing phone call with respect to the requirement, add the more substantial information such as transmission picture. Current, had begun in Hong Kong be based on IP the business of long-range family monitoring of picturephone, believe the progress as the technology, all sorts of functions are more powerful, safeguard safer, information more new-style system will emerge as the times require, the daily life that is people brings advantage, arouse more capacious city free thereby.

2, product market analysis:

Beg recently buy beg buy the specific scale that how defends a product: Purchase monitoring kind product 38.6% , guard against theft calls the police product 25.3% , entrance guard kind product 19.1% , parking lot kind product 8.2% , other product 7.8% .
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