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The is based on IP net phone speech gateway that HC-IP-100 highway is own development of company of Hua Cong science and technology to saying a product, its basic communication principle, it is the phone line that uses the Internet that high speed develops now to replace traditional sense to go up, realize the communication of word of different terrestrial electricity between the user, save Gao Eang's expensive communication cost thereby. HW-100 is modular to telling a system to use design, install different hardware module through be being inserted on a main platform, can form 4 close to 16 IP telephone network, can develop according to need and using circumstance and future of the user, trends raises corresponding functional module, form a variety of application, support on specific application a variety of receive means and communication configuration neatly, its receive port to divide FXS and FXO two sort, engine of word of electrify of general of FXS mouth join, small switching equipment of user of PBX(of FXO mouth join) or PSTN(telecommunication public network) user (line) upright, can realize the free communication between not congener port thereby.
HC-IP-100 highway is to be in to saying a system application is the at present widest embedded develop on operating system VxWorks, it uses high-powered processor, can achieve fast and efficient processing result, and agile on the design of integral hardware diversity, do not accept the technical restriction of any domestic and international manufacturer, make this system achieves best performance.
This speech gateway is being developed Internet network (no matter be public network or illicit net) the bridge action that rises with join of public telephone network. It is uptodate offer two to interface of 16 imitate speech, can join already business small switching equipment (PBX) , also can join phone or electrograph. This gateway still provides an aether network (Ethernet) interface joins IP network with receiving, assure to offer real time the is based on IP network to transmit speech of high quality serves.

Limited company of science and technology of Shaanxi Hua Cong, it is a country company of new and high estate, in long-range communication and call the police the project that manages police area is having rich experience. The company is given priority to with producing high-tech communication establishment, the respect is waited a moment to having wide application in electric power, colliery, freeway, jail!
Company software develops a respect to having rich talent to lay in, the personnel much name that has Master above record of formal schooling!
Company to go to the lavatory the actual condition of each units, have many construction team, the safe production that is you escorts the Emperor convoy!

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