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Extend meeting time: 2007-6-13 exhibits meeting site: Carat recreational island can exhibit Sinuoyaersike center
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Welcome decline

Be in new Russia of a year " China year " in, be in the history at present of top level in Russia concerns, will reach a new height. As in the shape up that associate of Russian strategy cooperation concerns, russian classics trade cooperates in the domain widens with each passing day.

To strengthen a society public safety is on guard consciousness, promotion fears step instead, the Russia in promoting is in public safety and the classics trade dealings that fear a product instead, strengthen the technical communication between international and cooperation. Chinese safety is on guard carat of product guild combination Sinuoyaersike border area area (city) government, carat Sinuoyaersike border area area (city) safe committee, .

How Russia prevents the market is one of markets with the rapiddest development on current world, and of its condition stabilize gradually, be sure to make what Russian area measures to how preventing product requirement increase, carat Sinuoyaersike city is the city with Siberia the mainest area, be located in Russia the central a sector of an area of Eurasia, it is the hub of Siberia railroad main artery, visit nice town of Daqing city pal closely with Heilongjiang with dealings of Chinese classics trade, the economy that capture city is active, how to prevent market potential range of deep, radiate is wide. Current extend the optimal way that can be sure to become our country to prevent an enterprise to enter Russian federal how to prevent the market.

Current exhibit meeting with " grasp historical opportunity, bring the base that prevent with casting, share peaceful home! " give priority to a problem, dimensions is baronial, the advantage is clear, predict to exhibit an area nearly 10 thousand smooth rice, the corresponding period will hold height forum and many professional technology to communicate the activity such as meeting and special subject lecture. Bencibo sees meeting general make the red-letter day of entrepreneur, the arena of international communication, the industry international that two countries politics, business, look forward to makes with all one's strength jointly is famous brand grand meeting.

This second exhibition is be on guard in Chinese safety product guild and Russia just sponsor an unit the protocol on the foundation that mutual and in-depth survey inspects carries out, also be Chinese safety is on guard product guild serves as the exhibition outside sponsorring an unit to organize China how to prevent company condition first, exhibit meeting general this to become China how to prevent the example that communicates with international, the unit wants sufficient understanding, elaborate organization, extensive conduct propaganda related each, join eagerly exhibit, what how collective casting prevents a trade with respect to China and Russia is brilliant.
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